What is the highest paying industrial property in Noida

What is the highest paying industrial sector in Noida for renting industrial property?

Some of the highest-paying industrial sectors of Noida include sectors 63, 64, 80-85, Phase II, and many others. Overall, Noida offers the best industry sector that offers well-planned structures, and renting options.

Industrial sectors require well-developed infrastructures, and excellent connectivity with Expressways that makes them suitable for manufacturing, logistics, and heavy industries.

Noida offers large spaces and robust infrastructures that make it one of the highest-paying industrial hubs that is suitable for investing in industrial property for rentals in Noida.

This blog covers the top highest-paying industrial sectors in Noida for renting industrial properties where you can invest in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units.

Noida Sec - 63, 64, 65

Sectors 63, 64, 65

Sector 63, sector 64, and Sector 65 are the prominent industrial sectors in Noida, India. These sectors offer a diverse range of industries that include various IT companies, development firms, and multiple manufacturing units.

Sector 64 is known as the ‘IT Hub’ of Noida and these are the best highest-paying industrial sectors in Noida for investment purposes.

  • Infrastructure and connectivity: Sectors 63, 64, and 65 are well-connected with major roads and highways which makes them accessible for easy transportation.
  • Complexes and Offices: Sector 63 is mainly for complexes and offices and sector 64 is popular for IT parks and technology-related offices. Sector 65 is famous for multiple MNCs in Noida.

These sectors are renowned for industrial locations. Here you can purchase larger areas for industrial purposes. This is one of the best industry locations to purchase industrial property in Noida for investment and renting purposes.

Sector 1-11

Best Industry Locations, Sectors 1-11

Sectors 1-11 have very peaceful environments and are mainly situated in the center of Noida. Sectors 2 and 3 are situated in the prime location of Noida and are well-connected with adjoining cities.

These sectors are popular for businesses like HCL, Rajnigandha, Byju’s, and Red FM. These are some of the prime locations to purchase industrial properties in Noida for rentals and investing.

Sectors 6, 7, and 8 are famous for industrial properties like sheds, factories, and warehouses.

Sectors 1 to 11 have the nearest metro stations 15 and 16.

Apart from industrial, they are also famous for commercial properties as these locations are hubs for hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and banks.

These are some of the most popular growing industrial areas in Noida.

Hosiery Complex

Hosiery Complex, Sector 80-85

The hosiery complex is at a prime location in the Noida and it is only just 12 minutes drive away from Noida city center. The hosiery complex is one of the best locations for investing purposes in Noida.

The hosiery complex is situated in front of Sector 83 Noida and is famous for various industries. Sectors 80-85 are very well-developed Industrial sectors with well-connected facilities of main highways and metro stations.

  • Industries: Sectors 80 to 85 are famous for a wide range of industries like Adani Industries, Oasis, and BSN Industries which makes them a prime location for investment in industrial properties in Noida.
  • Infrastructures: These sectors have many grand infrastructures that include multi-specialty hospitals, community parks, and many skyscrapers. Some of the most popular projects in these sectors are Advant Navis Business Park, Ace Divino, Gaursons Hi-tech Sports Wood, and others.

Phase 2 Noida

Phase II, Noida

Phase II is a destination for famous factory outlets in Noida like Lacoste and spreads across from Dadri main Road to the banks of the Hindon River. This sector is popular among brand manufacturers like Samsung India, Keihin India, Motherson Techno, Blue Dart, and many others.

Phase II, Noida is a prime location for long-term investment in industrial properties in Noida as this area is connected with daily amenities like regular water, and power supply that promotes growth and productivity in industries.

Some of the best features of Phase II Noida are nearby hospitals, waste management, and reserved parking spaces.

In conclusion,

This is the right time to invest in Noida for industrial properties. There are a lot of options available for investment in factories, large spaces, or manufacturing units in Noida.

The best industrial sectors of Noida to purchase industrial properties are 63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 1, 2-11, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 88, 90, Phase II, and Hosiery Complex.

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