What is the highest-paying commercial sector in Noida for renting commercial property?

Noida is the fastest-growing area in Delhi/NCR for the highest-paying commercial properties in Noida.

If you are searching for the highest-paying commercial sectors in Noida, our post will help you for the best areas to invest in.

Noida has become the largest commercial center in NCR because of its strong economic foundation.

This city is garnered with top-class commercial spaces, corporate offices, and premium commercial properties for renting.

Prithvee Real Estate will help you to invest in commercial properties in Noida that have a high return on investment (ROI).

Prithvee has established itself as the best consultant in commercial real estate in Noida for investors.

Our experts will suggest commercial properties and sectors that will generate the highest return on investment and provide you with immense capital appreciation for the value of the property.

The commercial properties are divided into two groups: office spaces and retail shops.

Types of investment in commercial properties in Noida

Types of Investment in Commercial Properties in Noida

In some areas of Noida, Rates per square foot have nearly doubled in housing and commercial sectors from the pre-pandemic time (2019-2020) and infringed the 100% mark due to higher demand. There are mainly 4 types to invest in commercial properties in Noida for the highest returns.

1.   Buy and Self-Use

Noida is a hub of many commercial sectors that offers unlimited opportunities to invest. Investing in commercial properties in Noida provides self-utilization benefits and value appreciation.

2.   Buy and Lease

This investment option provides you the facility of both regular income and appreciation in value over time. Our team will do research as per your financial goals and risk tolerance and provide you best highest-paying commercial properties in Noida for rent.

3.   Buy and Sell (Short-term)

This is one of the smartest and most profitable investment strategies to consider for properties that are under construction. You can invest in properties and sell them once they’re completed and earn a quick and sizable profit.

4.   Buy and Sell (Long-term)

Investing in long-term commercial properties in Noida is the best option for the highest returns because of intrinsic value appreciation. There are a range of luxurious commercial sectors in Noida that are available for long-term investments.

Popular Commercial Sectors in Noida

There are many prominent commercial sectors for businesses and industries with great facilities and connectivity.

Sector 18: This sector is one of the oldest and most well-known commercial sectors in Noida. This sector is garnered with top shopping malls, restaurants, and commercial establishments making it the best sector for investing in commercial properties for rent. This sector has a dedicated metro station that connects this city directly to Delhi.

Sector 16: Sector 16 is a well-established business area in Noida that is located near major business hubs in Sector 18 and 29. This sector has a strategic location near the Delhi border making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into new markets. It is one of the best highest-paying sectors to invest in commercial properties in Noida with higher returns.

Sector 125: Sector 125 is a hub of many highest-paying commercial properties and is about 2 km away from the Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station and next to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway which helps the residents to save time.

Sector 136: This sector is great for office spaces to be set up by companies related to IT/ITES, Banks, Shipping companies, cargo, and others. This is another sector for the highest-paying commercial property hubs in Noida. You can invest here for office spaces and earn exclusive rent.

Sector 62: This sector is known as the commercial core of Noida and investors are very much interested in this sector. The sector has one of the biggest industrial and business centers in Noida and is situated very close to the Expressway. It is the best option for the highest-return commercial properties in Noida for investors in firms and corporations.

Sectors 132, and 135: These sectors are one of the most famous areas for commercial real estate development and have many business buildings in the area. The area has good connectivity with roads, and metro and has a strong reputation among investors who are interested in investing in premium commercial properties in Noida.

Sector 142: Sector 142 is located at the Noida Expressway and offers top-notch modern infrastructures and facilities for corporates and enterprises. This sector has a dedicated metro station that offers accessibility and connectivity with Noida and Greater Noida. This is the place for the highest-return commercial properties in Noida.

Sector 153: You can find the best retail and office spaces in Sector 153, Noida with great connectivity. It is situated on the Noida Expressway which makes it an ideal investment destination for real estate buyers.

Sectors 126 and 127: This sector has a tremendous growth in residential and commercial sectors which makes it a great place to get started for investment in commercial properties in Noida. This sector has a great neighborhood and is quite safe for living and rentals. Roads and commercial hubs are well-maintained.

Sector 128: This sector is located along the Noida Expressway which has a green belt and big public park. This sector has one of the best residential and commercial projects in Noida. These projects draw the attention of top businesses that want to set up shops and complexes there which makes it the best choice for higher returns investment in commercial sectors in Noida.

Important Checklist for Purchasing Commercial Properties in Noida

Neighborhood: Neighborhood knowledge and information are very important for the value appreciation of commercial properties. Connected roads, metro connectivity, no. of people living in the area, and others are some of the important measures to look for.

Location: Choosing the right location for commercial properties in Noida is paramount for the highest returns. Location is king when it comes to investment and it is essential to reach out to the experts who are familiar with the neighborhood to make an informed decision about buying properties in the right locations.

Inventory: Inventory is available at the property consultants and builders and it is important to check the premium units. Premium commercial units are for higher and better returns than normal units.

Rera Certified: You should only buy properties with RERA-certified consultants to find the best options for investment purposes. You can check the RERA no. on the official government website. Top builders only prefer RERA-certified consultants for their top-level commercial projects in Noida.


Whether you are searching for the premium highest-return commercial sectors in Noida or looking for exceptional investment options in Noida for commercial property, Prithvee Real Estate Services offers the best investment opportunities with the highest returns in Noida.

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