What do you need to know before renting industrial property

What do you need to know before renting industrial property in Noida?

In today’s business world, the location is one of your property whether it’s industrial or commercial is the main factor to its success.

Noida is a very beautiful city that is situated in the heart of India and is the best place to invest in industrial properties. If you are searching for an industrial property for rent in Noida, there are multiple options to invest.

The strategic location, excellent infrastructure, connectivity, and great economy make it a perfect destination for industrial property for investment.

Renting an Industrial property in Noida seems to be a difficult task if you do it without planning and preparation.

What makes Noida an ideal location to rent an industrial property

What makes Noida an ideal location to rent an Industrial Property?

Several factors make Noida an ideal place to rent industrial properties and a sudden rise in popularity.

  • Well-connected roads make Noida a place where you can travel conveniently. Noida is very well-connected to Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi. Eastern Peripheral Expressway is one of the main attractions for the industrial properties in Noida.
  • The civic infrastructure of Noida is best for the commercial and industrial establishments among all NCR towns. This town has a well structure where industrial and commercial properties are spread across.
  • Noida is also a technology hub with large and small companies. Easy to travel, and housing options make this an ideal place to work.
  • Noida retains the first position among all the state districts in GDP and per capita income which is 10.12% which attracts national and international brands to establish their industries here.
  • Various ambitious projects like Jewar Airport, expressways, better metro connectivity with the Aqua line, and the Delhi-Mumbai-based Industrial Corridor (DMIC) make it a strategic zone for industries.
  • The Noida is offering A-grade spaces for commercial and industrial rents that are almost negligible in Delhi and Gurgaon. This sudden surge impacts the renting and leasing trends in Delhi NCR and makes Noida the best for rental industrial properties.
  • Noida scores better than other NCR towns when it comes to security because of the law and order situation.
  • The cost of ownership and rentals with the best infrastructure, connectivity, and similar spaces is quite low here. The acquisition cost of industrial properties in Noida is 30%, and rentals are almost 20% lower than in Gurgaon and some other NCR regions.

Guide to rent an industrial property in Noida

Guide to rent an Industrial Property in Noida

You should follow these steps before renting industrial properties in Noida.

1.   Express Your Needs

It’s important to state and determine your needs before start looking for real estate properties in Noida. Narrow down the points and give the answers as per your need.

  • How much space is beneficial for you?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your desired location?
  • What are the important requirements you need with the property?

Once you have the answers, your real estate partner can narrow down your options. Prithvee Real Estate has a team of experts that will provide you best options as per your needs.

2.   Schedule Meeting

When your real estate partner finds you some of the properties as per your need, it’s time to view the industrial properties in Noida for rent in which you are interested.

With this step, you have the chance to view the property by yourself and you can ask the owner about your queries. You can evaluate the space as per your needs. It will give you a better idea about the property.

3.   Make an Offer

When you have found the one property that is best according to your industry needs, it’s time to make an offer with your real estate partner. It is an important step by which you can discuss all the important terms related to lease and rent.

It is better to clear everything before actually renting the property. Prithvee suggests you have cleared all the confusion about rent and lease before the agreement.

You should act fast when you find the best property as per your likes, as the owner can have other offers as well on the table.

4.   Negotiate the offer

When you are ready to rent or lease an industrial property in Noida, it can be possible that the owner doesn’t like the initial offer for the property. It happens all the time, it’s normal.

Prithvee’s team will help prepare the best offer agreement for rent that will work for both parties.

5.   Sign the Agreement

Prithvee’s team will help you with due diligence related to the owner and property. When it is perfect we can go for the next step of signing the agreement.

After finalizing the negotiation terms and when both parties agree, it’s time to do the paperwork for the rental industrial property in Noida.

Be sure to read the terms of the agreement carefully and sign the agreement.

Now it’s time to move into your new industrial property.


The stable law and order and development rate make Noida one of the best places for renting industrial properties. It is the best time to invest in industrial properties in Noida.

Renting an industrial property in Noida can help you grow your business or industry. With Prithvee as your real estate partner, you can find the perfect space for all your needs with the best possible deal.

Our team will help you find the best properties to invest in in Noida as we have helped our 100s of clients previously. To get in touch with the Team Prithvee, dial 9711099993 today.

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