Impact of Metro on Noida's Commercial Properties

Impact of Metro on Noida’s Commercial Property Values

Noida is a vibrant city in the National Capital Region of India. It is going into the real estate transformation phase due to various stunning reasons.

The Noida Metro plays a crucial part.

The Noida Metro is connected to the Delhi Metro as well as the Greater Noida Metro (Aqua Line) and attracts world-class developers to develop world-class projects here.

The upcoming International Airport and skyscraping infrastructures put Noida in high demand. The fast-growing real estate market in the industry leads to high rises in prices per square foot.

Noida Metro made businesses easy as corporations can hire employees from anywhere in Delhi NCR which boosts the investment in the business sectors in Noida.

It’s a fact that Metro Connections in new locations lead to price increases of up to 30 to 50 percent which is huge. It impacts both Residential and Commercial Property prices.

What are the main reasons behind price hikes of lands along with Noida Metro?

Along with Noida Metro, there are several reasons behind the price hikes and high demand for lands and properties in Noida.

Affordability, Population Increase, Convenience, Infrastructure, and many other reasons for the property hikes in Noida and Greater Noida Regions.

Property prices are up by 21.6% in Greater Noida as of September 2023 and rent shows a growth of 13.15% on the year-on-year growth index.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

The ongoing development related roads, parking facilities, structured public areas, and other amenities make accommodation easy. The growing population also does not create any problems because everything is happening in a structured manner. It directly impacts the quality of life and attracts large customers and investors.

Big Rental Market

Big Rental Market

The metro connectivity made the rental easy and it has a huge impact on the prices of the rental market. The average rental value of Greater Noida is Rs 7 per sq ft. The rental living cost in Noida is around 20,000 to 80,000 and it is growing continuously. The properties are in high demand because of better metro and market connectivity. It attracts individuals to seek rental accommodation who are in corporate sectors.

Demand for Residential Properties

Demand for Residential Properties

Noida has become the most favored city for corporate professionals and businessmen. This increases the demand for residential properties to reach offices on time. Noida Metro and other transportation methods made living here convenient and it continues in the future as well.

Noida Metro Expansion Push Real Estate Market

In the Interim budget presented on February 1, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the government’s plan to boost and expand metro lines, and airports in Noida. Noida Metro Project pushes the real-estate transformation in Noida and Greater Noida.

There are many announcements are made related to the construction of additional airports, train lines, metro routes, and EV facilities. These announcements will help the strong economy of the residential and commercial properties in Noida. This greatly impacts on the ongoing development of the infrastructure of Noida in a large manner.

These new advances already attracted a large no. of investors and continue for the next few years. Commercial real estate development will follow the upward trajectory and give the Noida Market a completely new view.


Noida Metro Connectivity is directly proportional to increased property rates. It has led to increased Noida Property Values and improved the quality of life.

It is the right time to invest in Noida’s real estate market as the metro network continues to expand in the future. This is the perfect blend of quality, convenience, and growth.

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