Commercial Real Estate Financing Options in Noida

Commercial Real Estate Financing Options in Noida

When you have an interest in commercial real estate properties, you search for the best financing options in Noida.

The procedure of investing your money in commercial properties is different from residential properties.

Financing is the most important component when it comes to commercial property investments.

Before buying any commercial property in Noida, you need to make sure to explore the best financing options for you that fit all your requirements.

There are many financing options available in Noida for commercial properties, like, traditional loans, hard money loans, private equity, and others.

For traditional loans, you need banks and other financial organizations. Traditional loans require a down payment with a credit check.

The hard money loan option is suitable for those when traditional loan options are not available.

Hard loan options have high interest rates for a short period.

It is important to choose which option is good for you in terms of interest rates, tenure, terms, and processing fees.

Evaluate each option with associated risks and benefits.

You should have a solid financial plan before choosing any financing option. You should talk first with a financial advisor or real estate professional.

Prithvee Real Estate has over 27 years of experience and will help you identify the best financing options for your commercial investment needs.

Steps to consider before buying any commercial real estate in Noida

Steps to consider before buying any commercial real estate in Noida

Before purchasing or investing, follow these simple steps for commercial real estate property in Noida.

  • Find a reputed real estate company in Noida like Prithvee to find the best property options for you to invest in. They will help you to find the best commercial properties to invest in Noida.
  • A real estate advisor will teach you about the current real estate market trends.
  • Choose a budget for your investment and narrow down the search.
  • Select a few properties that offer the best facilities and visit them with your advisor.
  • Finalize the property to buy based on your research.
  • Check the registration charges and other details with the help of RERA.
  • Complete all the formalities for the property documents.
  • Pay for your property and complete the registration process.
  • Pay for stamp duty charges and pay the commission to your broker.

Stamp Duty in Noida

The stamp duties are the same for both males and females but females get a small discount.

Gender Charges
Male 7%
Female 7% as per the property value with a 10,000₹ discount
Joint (Male + Female) 7% as per the property value with a 10,000₹ discount

Registration Charges in Noida

In the calculation of the final investment, you need to consider all the additional costs.

Gender Registration Charges
Male 1%
Female 1%
Joint (Male + Female) 1%

Eligibility Criteria for a Commercial Real Estate Loan

Eligibility Criteria for a Commercial Real Estate Loan

Salaried and self-employed professionals both are eligible to take commercial real estate loans.

If you are a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant, entrepreneur, or trader, you can also apply for traditional loans.

If you fulfill this checklist, you can easily qualify for a commercial property loan.

  • The builder should have a reputed background with a good record.
  • Check the property meets all the official regulations and civic approvals. Mainly check the title deed of the desired commercial property.
  • Check for a fair valuation of the property.
  • Should have a good credit score, monthly income proofs, and other important credentials.
  • Check for the age and minimum space criteria of the property should meet the criteria set by the bank.
  • The commercial property should have all the technical specifications with the approval of the government and other authorities.

If all the above points are ticked in your checklist, you can expect a loan with reasonable interest rates in Noida.


You can get a commercial property loan easily with a sufficient credit score and income proof.

Income proofs are important for the EMIs and tenure.

Along with that, your goal should be clear before investing your money to generate profits and gain capital appreciation.

Prithvee Propmart is the most trusted real estate company in Noida that offers you the best and most customized solutions for your needs for commercial real estate property in Noida.

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